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Cars Are Us

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The trains, the boats, and planes, just like in the song. They forgot to mention the cars, which are much more numerous. Here's an unusual car you might see very 'occasionally' around town, but you'll have to keep your eyes peeled, 'cause they're in limited supply.


The Toyota Prius, a great, four-door peppy, mid-sized hybrid car; electric and gas. It's very smooth, and much better on the pocketbook, but hard to get a hold of one of the rascals, because they're selling like hotcakes. That, coupled with limited production, and well, the law of supply and demand kicks in, or at least according to economics it should be quite pricey;........ but it's not. The cost is around $25,000, and it very comfortably fits 4, with plenty of headroom, Max.

Some of the lower resolution pics still to be added, so you can take a look at this little emerald. If you find this picture takes all day to download, that's because it's just a bit too big, but in a day or two we should have solved that with some low resolution, yet high quality photos, so be sure to check back. See you then.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Hybrid Energy Display

Toyota Prius Hybrid Dashboard


Toyota Prius Hybrid Engine