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     The deserts of the world, almost without exception, are growing.  Humans and their activities, including certain animals they keep, are largely responsible for this expansion.  The first step to solving any problem is to recognize the causes of it.  As follows we will examine the major causes of desertification, the cures for it.


     Meet one of the main causes of desertification: the goat.   Goats and sheep, because of their ability to eat plants right down to the ground without leaving a stub for the plant to regrow, are among the main causes of increasing desertification. Camels and horses however, are not among the major causes of deserfication, because their mouths and lips, in particular, are much larger, and they are not able to cut plants off at ground level.  Thus, where camels and horses have eaten, by and large, plants are able to use the process of photosynthesis to regrow. 


     One very possible cure for desertification is the amazing kudzu plant.  It is native to Japan, and was taken to the United States in the 1920s in a project of the Army Corps of Engineers to stop soil erosion.  It worked very well, but completely took over, as it is a creeping vine.  It now owns about 5 of the southeastern states, including Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and others. 


     Now to some amazing facts about the kudzu plant.  It grows about ONE FOOT PER DAY!!  In addition, it is healthy to eat for both humans and animals, and it has medicinal benefits; it cleans the liver.  This plant definitely has the potential to push back starvation.  It will have to be grown under controlled conditions, however, because otherwise it will completely take control of the environment.

More to come.  Please check back.....