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Global Warming
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                                                 Global Warming - Fact or Fiction
     Though most scientists seem to acknowledge that global warming is a 'clear and present danger', to coin a phrase from a movie, there are still some who disagree that there is any connection between man's activities and global warming.
     What is needed to scientifically prove without a doubt whether man's activities are causing global warming, is simply to prove whether or not carbon dioxide actually causes heat to be trapped.  If scientists can all agree on this phenomenon, then the cause and effect relationship will be indisputable.  So the question is, "Does carbon dioxide trap heat from the sun, creating the greenhouse effect, as it is called?  (For those unfamiliar with the concept, it is the same thing that happens to the inside of your car in summer when you leave the windows rolled up.  The heat waves pass through the glass, but the heat cannot get out of the car.   As a result, the interior of the car is unbearably hot.)  In other words, CO2 acts as a blanket, covering the earth, and trapping an ever increasing amount of heat waves coming to earth from the sun.
     If carbon dioxide (CO2) does in fact trap heat arriving to the earth from the sun, then the more CO2 there is the more heat will be trapped.  That being the case, it should be relatively easy to estimate how many vehicles there are in the world, how much CO2 they produce, and to factor in the emissions from businesses/factories, and power stations, most of which burn fossil fuels to produce electricity.                                                


                 Update for January, 2011, and Predictions                                        
It is unfortunate that the predictions I made below from 2007 came true.  As we proceed through 2011, I believe we will see a great increase in world temperatures, floods, droughts, food shortages, with subsequent civil unrest, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and diseases.  This prediction is based on scientific evidence of environmental events occurring worldwide and the knowledge that the causes of these catastrophies have not been addressed adequately.  (Links to some of these events will be included soon.)
Governments around the world have been doing very little by way of correcting the environmental catastrophes occurring worldwide.  Unless they find the political will to do so, the upheaval witnessed in recent years will pale in comparison to what awaits, as the earth simply self-corrects in physical response to man's activities.  It may be too late already for the hand of man to correct the tremendous imbalance he has brought about, and further delay will only guarantee that it is too late. 
(If you wish to contribute to a desperately needed solution to the destructive effects resulting from man's activities, please click the link below to go to another site, where you can make a donation to technology that can stop the further and greater destruction of our world.)
                                                          Predictions from 2007
     As the causal relationship between CO2 emissions worldwide, and global warming becomes more evident, certain, I believe, predictable things will happen.  As the summer of 2007 approaches, I believe more and more severe floodings are going to take place in the northern and southern hemispheres, less so I believe in equatorial regions.  The reason for this is that with higher temperatures in summer, water from the oceans will evaporate at even higher rates.  It will condense less in equatorial regions, because in these places the evaporation rate is greater than the rate of condenstion.  However, in the higher latitudes both north and south of the equator, cooler temperatures will cause the highly saturated air to release its moisture with devastating results, producing more and more widespread flooding.  (It is most likely that there will also be an increase in hurricanes, but rather than a prediction, we see that this is already happening.) I should mention that these are my own predictions, as I have not seen any other predictions of this sort, nor have I taken this information from anywhere but my own observations and study.  We will soon know if the predictions are true or false, however.


                                                 The Stark Reality
     The harsh reality of the situation that confronts us is that we must urgently address some of the most critical issues, which are that:
+ 35% of all trees that were on earth in the last 100 years have been destroyed directly by man's activities, i.e. cutting or burning.
+ Thousands of hectares (10,000 square meters) of jungle are being destroyed each day across the world!
+ As per National Geographic on April 19, 2007, vegetation across the world is being destroyed at  a rate 10 times faster than 100 years ago!
+ Trees have the potential to absorb the excess CO2 produced by man, but the situation does not fare well if we are killing them AND increasing CO2 levels dramatically at the same time.
+ 40% of all oxygen coming from the land (as opposed to oxygen coming to us from sea plants) comes from the Amazon Rain Forest of Brazil, which is undergoing perhaps the fastest  disappearance of trees and other vegetation in the world!


     There are solutions to the problem of global warming, some of which are as follows:
+ We must have a massive worldwide replanting of native trees in the areas in which they were destroyed.
+ We must phase in faster the widespread use of hybrid vehicles.
+ We must bring water to desert areas and assist the native people with basic farming techniques, so that they will cease to follow a nomadic pattern in which they constantly move and kill trees for firewood, and let their animals destroy undergrowth.  (A new page will soon be added, explaining in detail how this can be done with a new concept passive solar water desalination plant devloped by the author of enviroglimpses, Douglas Baker.)
More to follow...