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Bizarre Envirofacts

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Beezarre Factoid

Did you know that about half of the food crops that humans depend on have to be pollinated by bees? The bizarre part of this is that we now have companies whose entire reason for being (or beeing?) is to transport bees around the country and release them into farmers' fields so they can go about their business of pollinating the crops. The beekeepers apparently make out quite well at this, and they even have a few months per year to relax, when it's too cold in the northern climes. The tragic part is that the reason for this need is the high amount of pesticides on crops which kills millions of bees every season, and so there just aren't enough to pollinate the crops.


How to Stop the Killing of Beneficial Insects?

In order to stop the killing of the insects needed to pollinate the food we eat, we need to find substitutes to the current policies of spraying poisons everywhere. (In perspective, it is truly unbelievable that we have come to the present situation in which we poison the food, then eat it.)

There are many beneficial insects, animals, and birds which eat the harmful insects that eat our crops. Among them are lacewings, bats, and swallows. Unfortunately, the majority of these creatures have been poisoned, and their numbers severely diminished. This is very convenient for the pharmaceutical companies, because the balance of nature has been so severely upset that the pesticides are needed in increasing amounts to control insects whose predators have been destroyed. Fortunately, there are companies that sell these natural predators for farmers who wish to return to a more sane way of producing food.