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Clean, Renewable Electric Power

Land Based Hydroelectric Power Generation Plant
Land Based Hydroelectric Power Generation Plant

The drawings above and below illustrate the operation of a pollution-free electric power generation plant designed by Douglas Baker.   It can be built to any size, for private home use, for residential communities, and on a larger scale to serve entire cities and regions.
This power plant is based on the principle of converting potential energy (the gravitational downward pull on water), into kinetic energy (the controlled falling of the water, in globes).   This is the same use as hydroelectric power, except that in this case there is no need for proximity to water, as the power plant is self-contained in that aspect.  In addition the need for turbines is eliminated in this design, as the kinetic energy directly turns the rotor of the generator, through the use of reduction gears.  


There are further details in the construction of this power plant, but hopefully it will be apparent through the presentation of these governing principles that all aspects of it are mechanically sound.  I encourage comments, and will gladly provide further details to interested parties.  I would also like to encourage private industry and governments to construct small scale prototypes in order to prove the soundness of the design concepts presented. 

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